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Welcome to your nutritional therapy journey

The human body is an incredible thing. Finely tuned over millennia to become a high functioning, self-healing machine, it is by its nature our greatest personal asset. The power of this amazing, complex system is such that every one of us has the potential to live our days full of vitality and health, no matter what stage of life we are at.


However, all too many people live with less-than-optimal health, struggling for years to find a solution to their problems. Despite the miracles of modern medicine, for some, the right treatment remains elusive and many end up seeking complementary therapy after all else has failed.


Whether you’re here for help with a particular condition, as a last resort or just to improve your health, I welcome you to the start of your nutritional therapy journey. Together, we can help you regain the energy, vitality and the sense of wellbeing that you deserve.

Restoring balance with nutrition

Our ability to grow, heal and survive is a product of the incredible complexity of the human body. A delicate balance of systems produces many thousands of reactions every second, carrying out minute adjustments in response to pathogens, environmental stresses, and other influences. 


And it can only function so well with the right combination of nutrients, minerals and chemical elements.

For centuries, humanity has found the ingredients the body needs through diet, turning to nature to solve its health problems. But in today’s world, we seem to have lost that connection. Modern society has trained us to take a pill to suppress or alleviate symptoms, without ever dealing with the root cause.

Naturopathy is the polar opposite of this, seeking non-harmful, natural treatments that promote wellbeing that persists for not hours or days, but for a lifetime.  Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be pain-free, to sleep well and to live a life full of vitality and health. 


Can you imagine how it would feel to sleep well, wake energised, feel physically and mentally balanced, with great energy through the day?   Nutritional therapy is the key to unlocking restored health in the simplest, most natural, and most enjoyable way.

“ Since seeing Harry, my pains have gone from unbearable to almost gone completely and I can eat a lot more things. I am very happy with the changes. I can even sleep through the night now! ”

CM, Cambridge

What can nutritional therapy help with?

There is a world of benefits that can be unlocked with nutrition, from treating common ailments to enhancing performance in sport.  I firmly believe there isn’t much that nutritional therapy cannot help with, but to provide some examples, people have reported amazing results for problems including:

Digestive issues:    IBS, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and more

Weight problems:     Blood sugar issues, losing weight, sweet cravings

Hormonal imbalances:    Menopausal problems, infertility, PMS

Skin conditions:     Eczema, psoriasis, acne and more

Mental health:     Anxiety, depression, overwhelm

Energy issues:     Energy dips, chronic fatigue, sleep issues

Take a look at my services to see how to get started, or contact me for an informal chat about your options.

“ I am happy to report that for the last month I have been feeling healthy and pain free and my digestion returned to perfectly normal. I can also say always enjoyed the invigorating discussion at our meetings. ”

LD, Cambridge


Individual consultations

One-to-one visits, to help with any specific condition or to fine-tune your health - better digestion, more energy and improved mood.


Most issues require more than one or two visits depending on your individual needs.

Save by booking follow up appointments in advance.

Regular visits

Many people find that it’s useful to come back on a regular basis to keep refining their nutritional programme, or because there are several areas of their life to be improved upon.