Cambridge Living Nutrition

About me

I believe that the most effective route to long-term health and wellbeing relies on natural solutions, giving our bodies the resources they need to function optimally and regain balance. Taking a holistic view of health, and particularly nutrition, can promote wellbeing in quite extraordinary ways.

My journey into complementary health began shortly after the birth of our first daughter, who suffered frequently with colic.  Finding little benefit in run-of-the-mill treatments, the only thing we found to provide lasting relief was homeopathy.  I was surprised but delighted, and embraced this therapy and the holistic foundations on which it is based.


After seeing many successes with complementary medicine, I continue to be surprised and delighted each day by the significant impact this approach has for my clients, providing them with the relief they have often sought for many years.


Having previously worked in a variety of disciplines and now focusing on nutrition, I find myself uniquely positioned to tackle the most complex of problems, getting to the heart of the matter and really understanding my clients’ issues. With my help, we can restore balance in your body and allow you to live a full life.


Your body has the power to be well; you have the right to feel well. I can help you achieve wellness in a kinder, more natural way.


“Harry was understanding and helpful from beginning to end. I'm so glad I found a way of achieving better health after many years.”